Charlie Sheen has been spotted shouting from a Beverly Hills rooftop while wielding a machete and swigging from a bottle labelled Tiger Blood.

Sheen, who was fired from his hit show Two And A Half Men yesterday, screamed “free at last” while brandishing the massive blade.

He appeared again just a few hours later on his self-produced web show Charlie’s Korner having an intense phone discussion with an associate.

In the conversation, he ranted: “I’m gonna write my sermons, I’m gonna deliver them like truth torpedoes, and people are gonna f***ing take it or leave it, we know they’re gonna take it cause they can’t process it, so they must condemn it.

“‘And it they can’t condemn it, they’ll like f***ing turn me into a God and worship it, and realise I’m behind them, cutting their throats, and their children’s…”

The 50-minute long show, which shows a gaunt Sheen sweating and swearing throughout, has been viewed nearly a million times since last night.

On the show, Sheen provide nuggets of wisdom which he calls ‘Torpedoes of Truth’.

“It is what it is. What a dumb expression! It is what it is? Yeah, and
you are how you are. Clearly. Leave. Boring! Goodbye. Execute!” one rant offers.

Watch Charlie’s Korner here

He insisted last week that he had kicked his drug and alcohol addictions. He
is due in court today to battle with ex-wife Brooke Mueller over a
restraining order that prevents him from seeing his twin sons.