Charlotte Roche, a German anti-nuclear activist has offered to have sex with President Christian Wulff if he blocks legislation to extend the life span of Germany’s 17 nuclear reactors.

Roche is a star German television presenter and has won a number of journalism awards. She made her offer in an interview with Der Spiegel magazine.

“I offer to go to bed with him (Wulff) if he does not sign the legislation,” said Roche.

Continuing, Roche said that she had discussed the offer with her husband and that he was happy for her to have sex with President Wulff in return for refusing to sign.

The legislation would extend the life of Germany’s 17 atomic reactors up to 12 years beyond the present phasing out deadline of 2020 set by a former government.

Germany’s government has decided that the new legislation does not require an approval by the upper house, and it is now down to President Wulff to sign it into law.

However opposition parties are up in arms, accusing the government of deliberately avoiding a vote in the upper house in which it has no majority.

High profile journalist Roche was involved in last week’s demonstrations against the transportation of 123 tonnes of highly radioactive nuclear waste from a reprocessing plant in northern France to a temporary nuclear waste storage site at Gorleben, in northern Germany.

However, Roche’s dedication to abolishing atomic power has reached new heights in her offer of sex with Wulff.

Watch this space…

– Frankie Mullin