Any attendees looking to start a rebellion against oppressive regimes whilst cheering on the javelin throwers will be disappointed to hear they’ll have to dress more conservatively.

Vuvuzelas, the South African noisemaker of choice and the noise we’ll all remember from the 2010 World Cup are also on the no-no list – although we can kind of understand why the wailing horns of doom might be banned. That goes for whistles, drums, klaxons and other fun-filled noisemakers.

Sorry my dear, you’re barred (Getty images)

Liquids over 100ml will also be barred for security reasons, airport style – and if you’re thinking of taking in a big family picnic to avoid the sky-high prices inside, you’ll be disappointed.

Organisers have said that “any objects or clothing bearing political statements or overt commercial identification intended for ‘ambush marketing'” are banned, according to The Daily Mail.

“If it was the Beijing Olympics that were using the army to staff the games and banning “political” clothing; there’d be outrage.” said Dave Jones on Twitter.