Cheeserolling is back on for 2011 after being cancelled last year for health and safety reasons.

The Gloucestershire festival, taking place on June 11-12, is no longer free – tickets cost £20 and can only be bought from First Festival Travel.

Organisers are now planning a two-day festival rather than the usual one-day event on a Spring Bank holiday afternoon.

This year, 5000 tickets will be sold per day to spectators and participants. Tickets can only be bought via First Festival Travel.

“Cheeserolling is one of the most popular day trips in England and is really well-known,” said First Festival Travel’s Jonathon Bill-Williams, speaking at the TNT Travel Show. “There are loads of festivals in Europe to choose from, but this is the most well-known one in England.”

If you want to take part in Cheeserolling, you need to register online at and then you will go into a ballot.

Other top festivals in Europe being promoted at the TNT Travel Show are La Tomatina, Running of the Bulls at Pamplona and Oktoberfest.

La Tomatina

Where? Bunol, Spain

When? Last Wednesday in August

What? The world’s largest tomato fight is held in one small street less than a quarter mile long. Up to 20,000 flock to the town to pelt each other with tomatoes.


Where? Pamplona, Spain

When? July 5-15

What? The sleepy town explodes into life during Spain’s most famous festival, San Fermin, where everyone dresses up in traditional red and white and runs with the bulls.