Cheryl Cole says she’s had enough of negativity and bitchiness.

In a recent interview with Elle the songstress opens up about last year’s hardships, and reveals that her confidence was so low that she finds it difficult to look at pictures of herself.

She explains: “My confidence has never hit such an all-time low as it has this last year. It feels really bad. I don’t look at pictures of myself. I can’t.”

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Fist she went through a distressing, and very public divorce from footballer Ashley Cole, then she was struck down by malaria after a holiday to Tanzania, and finally Cheryl was criticised for her decision-making as a judge on the X Factor.

But now it seems the Girls Aloud singer is ready to move on with her life.

“I have taken so much s***, I’ve stopped listening to other people. I’ve had enough, ” she told Elle.

“‘There’s only so much you can cope with and then you either let it swallow you up or you say: “Sod this, I’ve had it with negativity and bitchiness.”

“I want people to like my music but I couldn’t give a s*** about what they think of me. Take it or leave it. I do not care,” she continued.

Cheryl also reveals that she did consider to see a professional therapist to help her get by after the divorce from Ashley Cole, however, she said she decided against it as she’s “not trusting enough” to open up to a stranger.
“I’m lucky in that I’ve got family and friends to turn to. I realise now that it’s not a bad thing to lean on people and accept support,” Cheryl said.

“You get to find out who your real friends are when the s**t hits the fan.”