A seven-year-old from Norfolk is causing quite a stir in the art world after his latest collection sold for £150,000 in just half an hour.

Kieron Williamson, dubbed the ‘mini Monet’, attracted buyers from all over the world when 33 of his paintings were put up for sale, with one couple from Philadelphia camping outside the gallery for two days before the exhibition started on Friday.

The majority of the talented youngster’s work features Norfolk landscapes and coastal scenery, though there are also paintings of London landmarks and even Hong Kong. The biggest seller was an oil painting entitled Sunrise at Morston, which went for £7,995. 

Williamson’s artistic achievements stretched to colouring in dinosaurs just two years ago, until a family holiday to Cornwall inspired him to create “mind-blowing” paintings of boats and harbours. Now there are 700 people registered for an original, though with only six paintings produced per week they will be waiting for some time.

Gallery owner Adrian Hill said: “Kieron has probably become one of the most collectable artists currently exhibiting worldwide. He’s impressionist without being too abstract. He is years in advance of where he should be.”

Finally, an artist that can actually paint!