Sweet Freedom’s CHOC POT has got everything going for it. 

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credit: Sweet Freedom

75% less fat, half the calories of the leading chocolate spread and a big one for us at TNT – it contains NO controversial palm oil. Other, well established chocolate spreads out there have recently been linked to carcinogens (substances capable of causing cancer) due to the palm oil used in production so not only is palm oil devastating to the planet it is also potentially devastating for your health.

Step up CHOC POT. Using Sweet Freedom’s very own Fruit Syrup to sweeten, CHOC POT is also vegan, free from dairy, gluten, nuts and GMOs. Produced in the UK there is also no chemical processing, no additives and no preservatives and what’s more – it tastes delicious!

It’s not as sweet as some of the better known chocolate spreads but that’s not a bad thing – it’s still plenty sweet enough with a taste of proper cocoa making it ideal for cakes, crumpets and with Pancake Day fast approaching – slathered all over your pancakes.

Hitting the shelves from February 20th keep an eye out on the ‘free from’ sections of your local supermarket for this delicious treat and remember…it’s a good for you as a chocolate spread is going to get!

%TNT Magazine% Choc Pot On Toast

CHOC POT on toast – get in! credit: Sweet Freedom

100% natural

14 calories per teaspoon

Sweetened with Great Taste Award winning Sweet Freedom Fruit Syrup made with 100% fruit.

75% less fat than the leading chocolate spread

Perfect for Weightwatchers/Slimming World members

No palm oil

No chemical processing

No additives

No preservatives

No GMOs, gluten, dairy, soya, eggs, nuts or refined sugar

Low GI so good if you are diabetic


Made in the UK

RSP – £3.69/250g jar

Oh – and it’s tasty, really tasty – 10/10 from TNT!