Maloney, 34, turned up to the run-through “clearly drunk” and refused to speak, reports The Sun. He then got angry when finding out that he had only been given one line in the medley.

Maloney came in third place after failing to land enough votes on Saturday night. He came into the competition through a “wild card” and lasted ten weeks.

Following his rant, Maloney went back to his hotel and failed to make the 11am call for the second rehearsal. When he did eventually emerge, he appeared drunk.

He then said that he wanted to return to Liverpool, and went back to his hotel to pack. According to a Sun source, he was abusive to hopefuls and producers, including a row with fellow contestant Carolynne Poole.

Maloney was angry upon discovering that none of the other finalists had wanted him to win and had cheered when he was kicked off the show. It has been suggested that he was up drinking all night in Manchester.

Maloney now risks losing a well-paid slot on the XFactor tour, scheduled for next year.

A source told The Sun that Maloney then returned to the auditorium in an attempt to regain his place in the performance.

The source said: “He showed up wanting to go on stage but they had to turn him away as they were already on stage and he missed the dress rehearsal.”

An X Factor spokesman said: “Chris decided he no longer wanted to be part of The X Factor Final and has gone back to Liverpool.”

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