Żubrówka Enchanted Forest Limited Edition Sleeve £20.00

Żubrówka Vodka, the Original Bison Grass Vodka, has over 500 years of tradition and history. Żubrówka’s exceptional character is emphasized by a single bison grass blade placed in every bottle. Each blade of bison grass is hand-picked and dried under natural conditions, making each bottle of Żubrówka an exceptional gift this Christmas. 

For the perfect Christmas cocktail our brand ambassador, Przemyslaw Matuszewski, suggests our legendary Apple Zu, an extraordinarily smooth and aromatic cocktail, with a festive twist.

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50ml Żubrówka
100ml traditional pressed cloudy apple juice
Squeeze of lime

Fill a highball with ice, add all the ingredients and stir
Garnish with a few slices of apple and a sprinkle of ground cinnamon to tickle your festive taste buds.

Russian Standard Gold £20.00

Setting the standard for elegance and refinement, Russian Standard Vodka is the perfect vodka to indulge in exquisite style. It employs an exclusive filtration system known for its unique natural refining value to create an exquisite ultra-crisp, ultra-smooth experience for those who demand the best. The finest vodka found in the leading bars of the world, this very special Russian Standard Gold is lightly flavoured with extracts of ginseng, known as ‘golden root’ in Russian and the perfect gift for the discerning vodka drinker.

Our brand ambassador, Tatiana Petrakova, suggests trying Russian Standard Gold in a Russian Collins this Christmas, for an all-time classic with citrus undertones.

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50ml Russian Standard Gold 
75ml Soda Water
25ml Fresh Lemon Juice 
12.5ml Sugar Syrup

Pour the lemon juice, sugar syrup and vodka into the tumbler, then fill with ice and top with soda. Pull all the ingredients together with a bar spoon and garnish.

Russian Standard Platinum £20.00

Russian Standard Platinum employs a proprietary silver filtration system known for its unique and natural refining values. This exclusive process produces an extraordinarily silky smooth vodka with an ultra-clean finish. The modern and refined taste profile of Russian Standard Platinum and its citrus aroma makes it perfect to taste on its own or as an excellent base for any cocktail.

Our brand ambassador, Tatiana Petrakova, suggests trying your hand at a Russian Standard Platinum Martini for the perfect evening cocktail.

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Chilled martini 


60 ml Russian Standard Platinum 

10 ml Dry vermouth 


Lemon zest, grapefruit zest or silver-skin onions 


Add the vodka and dry vermouth to a mixing glass along with as much ice as you can fit in. Stir this while tasting every so often. You are looking for the perfect level of dilution where the vodka retains its flavour but loses the burn. At this point, strain into a chilled martini glass and serve.

Smith & Sinclair £9.95

Alcohol Innovators Smith & Sinclair bring a touch of playful indulgence to the dinner table this Christmas, with its eclectic selection of cocktail confectionery. Infused with real alcohol and made by hand with fresh fruit and real spices, Smith & Sinclair offer delectable cocktail flavours in a range of naturally coloured pastilles. Boxes are available in rum, gin, whisky and now vodka and are perfect for friends, loved ones, family or even yourself this Christmas. A festive treat guaranteed to get you merry.

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