Q. I’ve got a girlfriend but I recently hooked up with a colleague at my office Christmas party. I’m torn between the two women – how can I avoid hurting one of them?

Reuben says: Love triangles appear have been an enduring theme in human relationships and history demonstrates how destructive they can be.

Cleopatra’s hold on both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony threatened to bring the Roman Empire to its knees. Death by cobra was far too good for her.

And that Creekside Jezebel Joey Potter was unable to choose between sensitive, thoughtful Dawson and selfish, devil-may-care Pacey for an interminable six seasons.

It may sound crudely empirical, but I suggest you tot up a list of criteria, all the essential traits embodied by your perfect woman – work ethic, good with numbers, counterfeiting skills, shelter-building – and figure out who most ticks those boxes.

I gave Joey Potter the same advice but she didn’t listen and look how that worked out.

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Ruby says: Stop beating yourself up – the whole point of office Christmas parties is for people to cheat on their spouses with their colleagues. You simply followed the script and I don’t think anyone can hold that against you.

However, I advise you not to tell your girlfriend. Women can be irrational about this kind of thing and it’s unlikely she’ll take your infidelity in the spirit of festive cheer.

At the end of the day, the heart wants what the heart wants and if you fancy your colleague more than your girlfriend, I don’t think you can really be held responsible. If anything, you’re the victim here.

Ultimately, you should hitch your cart to whichever girl is more attractive. You’re shallow – why fight it.

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