The Chancellor George Osborne has the “capacity to get up one’s nose” a senior Liberal Democrat revealed.

David Heath, the deputy Leader of the House, was chatting candidly to undercover reporters from The Daily Telegraph when he made the remark.

Heath went on to suggest that the Tory, a multi-millionaire Chancellor might be out of touch with ordinary people: “I mean, what I think is, some of them just have no experience of how ordinary people live, and that’s what worries me. But maybe again, you know, that’s part of our job, to remind them,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

Other remarks pointing to a rift in the Coalition government include care minister Paul Burstow telling reporters: “I don’t want you to trust David Cameron,” and local government minister, Andrew Stunell blurting out that he did not know where the Prime Minister stood on the “sincerity monitor”.

Transport Minister Norman Baker meanwhile compared the Liberal Democrats to a South African MP Helen Suzman, who fought the apartheid regime from the inside.

These latest revelations follow Business Minister Vince Cable’s unguarded remarks to undercover Daily Telegraph reporters about being “at war” with Rupert Murdoch over the media tycoon’s controversial attempt to takeover of BSkyB.

The Prime Minister David Cameron consequently stripped Cable of responsibility for media competition and the News Corp’s takeover bid of BSkyB.