Unsurprisingly, the fitness fare taking place between these refined walls is somewhat more delicate than your standard gym offerings.

The body light/ballet sculpt class is a case in point: 60 minutes of exercise drawing on the disciplines of ballet, yoga, pilates and contemporary dance.

“The class focuses on improving grace, usually forgotten these days,” teacher Iliana Alvarado says. “The result is an elongated figure and good posture, which can add inches to your height and take inches off your waist.”

Ballet Sculpt attracts both men and women, most aged between 25 and 45. The setting may be tranquil, but this is still a workout, and by the end of the hour you’ll feel muscles you didn’t know you had.

Hourly classes take place every Monday from 8.15pm and cost £15 for a drop-in session.

This is fitness at its most boutique. The ultimate antidote to your noisy gym and sweaty treadmill. 

Egoist Body Studios , 6 Fitzroy Square, W1T 5DX 
Tube: Warren Street/ Great Portland Street 
Rail: Euston