Tessa uses plenty of props, including fat bolster cushions, belts, blocks, blankets, chairs and dangling ropes.

Though some poses are challenging (personally, our headstands have never been very strong), all these tools ensure your body is supported at every stage.

Unlike at other studios, where teachers can sometimes leave students to flounder, Tessa is constantly correcting poor form. The class starts by laying on a bolster for several minutes to help open up the spine.

While we held various positions for several minutes, the class never felt overly strenuous.

Still, we were surprised the next day to find ourselves sore (in a good way).

The class works, as we also noticed a discernible difference in our usually atrocious posture.

Classes are Friday, 10am-1.30pm and 12.05pm-1.20pm. £12.  93a
Weston Park, N8 9PR  
Tube | Finsbury Park; Turnpike
Station | Lane Haringey; Hornsey


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