Personal training is never the cheapest option, but it is the most convenient, and arguably the most effective. A Moose PT will create a bespoke programme to suit your fitness level, goals and interests, as well as adapting each session to keep you challenged. They will also ensure you are doing the moves correctly, and therefore most effectively.

Coming to your home or local park, I met my Moose trainer, Phillippe, at Victoria Park. Some 45 minutes later I had lunged, star-jumped, planked and push-upped myself into panting oblivion, but, weirdly, I enjoyed it. Knowing the exercises I was doing were tailored for me, that I was doing them right, and that I worked as hard as I could, made my PT session far more satisfying than a regular class or gym session.

Free consultation and £20 introductory session. Sessions start at £32 if you bulk buy. TNT readers are exclusively offered five sessions for the price of four. Enter ‘TNT25’ when buying 25 tokens (code valid until Sep 15, but tokens last for six months).