The only time I’ve ever been involved in pole-dancing was on ?a stag night a few years ago when I was (ahem) forced to enter a strip club, although I admit to being impressed at the skill level on display. Turns out, though, pole-dancing is not limited to strip clubs. As a get-fit option, it’s far harder than you’d think.

After an hour of trying to perform such moves as the shoulder mount, half flag, corkscrew spin and handspring, I’m shattered.

I can perform most bodyweight exercises easily but this forces rarely used muscle fibres into action.

I’m also humbled to learn my core strength isn’t as good as I think.

Ecole de Pole tutor Justine McLucas is incredible. I thought I’d be able to do anything she asked but seeing the ease with which she holds her entire body from the pole, I understand the level of strength and conditioning pole dancing can give you. Blokes, worth a try. It’ll definitely make you stronger.

21b, 101 Farm Lane, SW6 1QJ
Tube: West Brompton
Taster classes from £7