Since Britain cleaned up in the rowing category at the Olympics, the popularity of the sport has grown to silly proportions.

Captain Camilla Lister, from Putney Town Rowing Club, reckons her little south London group had around 600 enquiries this summer from people wanting to take up the sport.

“Rowing is a real distraction from the stark realities of the working week,” she says. “Working as a team is vital – it’s a great way to develop friendships, and you get an adrenaline rush at the same time.”

Lister explains that although there are big rewards, the sport requires a huge commitment, because it’s very technical.

However, she says that in return “it will give you a real purpose in life”.

Plus, the fitness benefits are huge, the sport uses all the body’s major muscle groups, from bum to back and arms, and the Putney Town club will give you a cardiovascular workout to remember.

Sign up for £30 a month to test your confidence and mental strength. Or sign up for a learn-to-row-in-six-weeks course for £110, which includes one indoor tank session.

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