Carnivores don’t have to look far for a feed in Bosnia, where the smell of grilled meat (cevapi) wafts through the streets of most Turkish quarters. They’re usually lamb and beef sausages and served with pita. Veal crops up on a lot of menus too and if you don’t want to go hungry try bosanski lonac – a hearty meat stew cooked over an open fire.

While vegetarians will find pizza and pasta in tourist hubs like Sarajevo and Mostar elsewhere bakeries are a godsend (try zeljanica – spinach and cheese pies) and some restuarants serve stuffed vegetables.


Coffee freaks rejoice — much of the Bosnian day is filled with the ritual of coffee, often served in a little pot on a copper tray with a piece of Turkish delight.

If you prefer your poison alcoholic, try a Sarajevsko beer and for something stronger there’s slivovica, a local, 45% proof spirit. Get friendly with the locals and you’ll be plied with this stuff – beware.