Colombia in 2-3 days

Spend a couple of days soaking up the life in Bogota.

To get a taste of Colombian life outside of a city of more than 7m people, add a day trip to one of the towns north of Bogota:

  • The mountain town of Zipaquira (90 minutes by bus), where there’s a remarkable underground cathedral dug out of an old salt mine
  • The Parque Natural Chicaque is an expanse of jungle rainforest just 30 minutes from Bogota.
  • Tunja is three hours from Bogota but is a funky university town that’s well worth a wander around.

Colombia in 7-9 days

Spend a couple of days in Bogota, then fly to Cartagena on the Caribbean coast, the idyllic Caribbean island of San Andres or to one of the small towns on the Pacific coast (Nuqui or Bahia Solano, which are the departure points for coastal eco-lodges).

Colombia in 2 weeks +

After starting in Bogota and taking in a few of the towns around there, fly to Medellin for a couple of days, then hop on another flight to the Pacific Coast for some as much relaxation or action as you like. Depending on your schedule you could head back to Medellin then fly to Cartagena and explore the Caribbaean coast. Alternatively, a couple of weeks will give you enough time to see Bogota and surrounds, Cartagena and San Andres.