Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) said presenter Jones from station 2GB needed a refresher on his “factual accuracy and significant viewpoints.”

Some advertisers and sponsors have apparently taken their money elsewhere after Jones said Prime Minister Gillard’s father had “died of shame,” because of his daughter’s “lies”.

Jones has come under fire for other inaccuracies, such as speaking about carbon dioxide emissions. His claims about the subject were read as fact, but they were false.

The ACMA released a statement saying that measures including “fact-checking” and that the retention of “verification material” for six weeks would be needed. Plus, 2GB will have to offer another point of view as well as Jones’,

“2GB’s program director who will then be responsible to ensure that another current affairs program presents an alternative, significant viewpoint to that presented in the program hosted by Alan Jones so that 2GB can discharge its obligations under the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice.”

The governing body demanded that Jones also do necessary training before the end of November 2012.

Picture: Getty.