During a routine interview business report on BBC Breakfast Steph McGovern’s microphone was left open and she could be heard accidentally saying the very rude word off-screen.

Later in the show presenter Susanna Reid solemnly apologised for the screw-up that she said was due to a “technical error”

The full grovelling apology from Reid: “Now a little earlier on the programme we understand that there was a technical error and a microphone may have been open and unfortunate language may have been broadcast on the programme.”

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You heard a very rude word. Now wash out your ears with hot soapy water. 

“If you heard that this morning we do make an apology for that, unfortunately people who presume that their microphones are closed may talk a little bit more freely than they should, so apologies if you were offended by that.”

“And we’re just going to look into correcting that technical problem and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Watch the video below. Boringly enough the offensive word has been bleeped out. But we’re sure you’ve heard it before.

Images: BBC/YouTube