The job, advertised by the Svalbard’s governor’s office, requires someone to accompany scientists on research expeditions to the Svalbard Islands. Even if hanging out on a frozen isle between Norway and the North Pole doesn’t put you off, you’re not likely to fit the criteria anyway. You must have prior experience with weapons and polar bears. That rules me out already.

Depending on how you look at it, this could be the best job in the world, or one of the worst. On the plus side you’d get to explore the Arctic and protect Norwegian scientists from being eaten, on the other hand a polar bear might eat you… Not for everyone then.

You would have access to a rifle, but shooting a bear is seen as an absolute last resort. Practice with those pots and pans first and put on your best scary face.

With 3,000 bears on the Svalbard Islands, you’re probably going to see more of them than the 2,400 people living there.

Image: Getty