Zombies have become global phenomena thanks to movies, video games, and now books. With the rise of events like Zombie Walks (sydneyzombiewalk.com) attracting thousands of people to major cities, it seemed inevitable that a more accurate representation of the zombie apocalypse would rise. 

Participants in New Zealand’s zombie tourism, known as the Waking Dead, will either take part as brain hungry undead, or as the last remaining survivors of the apocalypse. Try to think of it as a cross between paintball and a Halloween party where 90 per cent of attendees decided to come as zombies… and you decided to shoot them all.

The choice to hop across the Tasman for the company, Apocalypse Events Ltd, is due to the banning of Airsoft guns in Australia.

The trio hope to bring the venture to other major cities in the future, but for now this is an Auckland exclusive.

If you’ve ever wanted to know just how well you’d fare in the zombie apocalypse this might be your only way to find out. We all like to think that we’d survive, but it’s time to put up or shut up.

Register your interest at wakingdead.co.nz/