Countdown contestants had a fit of giggles yesterday when they were asked to find an anagram of “largebaps”, letters which had been spelt out on the Countdown letters board.

Jeff Stelling, host of the Channel 4 show, managed to compose himself but did acknowledge the humour value of the moment, especially when a contestant solved the word as “graspable”.

“That’s quite brilliant. I thought that was an impossible conundrum,” said Stelling.

It’s not the first time that viewers have had a snigger at Countdown conundrums although producers decided that the word  “sh*tfaced” was too rude to broadcast when a contestant unscrambled random letters to discover it.

To be honest, we’ve heard ruder than “largebaps” in our day, but it’s still pretty funny.

A Channel 4 spokesperson said “All of the show’s content is carefully considered to make sure it is suitable for broadcast at that time of day.

“If those two words were put together intentionally, they certainly were not meant to cause offence.”