New ebook Courtney Comes Clean, by author Maer Roshan, details court documents from 2009 wherein Love’s daughter – Frances Bean Cobain, whose father is deceased Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain – filed for a restraining order against her mother.

The now 19-year-old Frances Bean alleged that her pet cat, Peabody, and dog both died thanks to Love’s “reckless behaviour”.

But the Hole frontwoman tweeted in response: “It was a mountain lion that killed Peabody!!”

Love’s lawyer James Janowitz recently told the New York Post that the allegations were false.

“For somebody to meddle in such private and personal matters is pretty reprehensible,” he said. “We can say that all of the statements made about [Love] relating to the court filings, her daughter and other personal matters is false.”

To be fair, if Love were to lie about it, you’d think she might come up with  a more pedestrian explanation than ingestion by mountain lion.

The singer was reported to have signed a deal to pen her own memoir last year, in which she would “set the record straight” about her marriage to Kurt Cobain and the myriad controversies of her time in the spotlight.

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