In some ways, you simply have to feel bad for 50-year-old Maine man, Ronald Strong. After all, everybody defecates – it’s a natural human function. I’m sure there are some of us out there who at some point or another might have had a little accident as well.

Poor old Mr Strong just happened to pick the worst time and place of them all in which to… Well, poo in his pants. 

An article in Salon magazine says that Mr Strong had arrived at the courthouse for a separate, civil matter and was in the process of making his way through security when feces began to apparently leak out of the bottom of his trousers. 

That’s disgusting. 

Strong, who takes medicine for a heart condition that could have triggered his sudden bowel movement, was transported to the restrooms where he tried to clean himself up. 

I’ll spare you the detailed description the Huffington Post used of Mr Strong’s accident because – quite frankly – it’s stomach churning but he made such a mess in there that he has been subsequently jailed for a week. 

The New York Daily News went to the nub of the issue however, speaking to the poor cleaning lady who had to deal with Strong’s crime against nature.  

She is qouted as saying that “75 percent of the floor was covered in feces” which was “smeared more than 2 feet up on the walls.”

It was also “on the paper towel and toilet paper dispensers, on the toilet paper itself, and on part of the toilet seat and the left side of the toilet bowl,” she added.

By the time the poor woman had come across the atrocity, Strong had left the building. He was hauled back in front of a judge and charged with willfully damaging and creating a hazard and nuisance in the federal courthouse.

While he’s appealed the conviction he is currently somewhere in the bowels of the Massachusetts legal system… Get it? 

Image: Getty