The incident started when a deputy tried to put another inmate in the man’s sell. The man, who is unidentified, took this opportunity and knocked the officer out of the way.

In his attempt to escape, the man crashed through a door and rushed into a courtroom that was in session.

The man wrestled one sheriff’s deputy then ran 20 feet into the courtroom before a crowed of court bailiffs tackled him to the ground as he shouted unintelligibly.

In shock lawyers and defendants took shelter during the scuffle. The judge remained on the bench, stunned.

Authorities say no one in the courthouse was in danger from the failed escape.

The man had already appeared in court earlier in the day and was being kept in a hold cell at the Jefferson County Courthouse in Louisville, WHAS-TV reported.

The man now faces charges of attempted escape and assaulting a police officer.

Photo by Youtube

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