As the old saying goes “travel broadens the mind,” offering us exciting opportunities to explore different countries and cultures as well as sample local food.

To help UK holidaymakers with their 2017 travel plans, online travel agent Travel Republic has released a unique “Visitors’ Guide”,  providing the etiquette dos and don’ts when visiting popular destinations in 2017.

Based on current year on year bookings*, the travel agent was able to pinpoint the trending holiday destinations from the UK next year. The guide offers useful insights for holidaymakers, as well as cuisine recommendations and advice on local customs, to prevent potentially awkward encounters!

Data shows that Spain and Cyprus have also seen a 15% and 14% increase respectively.  And, it is not just short haul destinations: Figures from Travel Republic reveal both Mexico and Thailand have seen bookings increase by 13% year on year. 

Naomi Wilkinson, marketing director from Travel Republic, said:

“We believe travelling is one of life’s great pleasures, and immersing yourself in different cultures can be incredibly rewarding. We hope our guide will inspire and help people get the most out of their experiences in some of the most popular destinations in 2017.”

The Visitors’ Guide also includes information on Thailand where travellers need to know that diners use spoons to eat food with, not a fork – forks are only used to push food onto the spoon. And in Mexico, us reserved Brits need to be aware that Mexicans are very demonstrative, not embarrassed by public displays of affection.

Take a look at the “Visitors’ Guide” here –