Over 2,000 ‘millennials’ aged 18-34 were polled in a survey conducted by sunshine.co.uk as to what their priorities were for the coming year. Ignoring New Year resolutions etc, those who participated were asked to focus more on what they would like to ‘tick off’ their list by the time 2018 rolls around.

Working Less (58%) came out as the number one (no shit – who wouldn’t) and travelling (52%) came in a close second.

Find love was third with 41%, start a family – 20%, get a promotion/pay rise – 13%, get on the property ladder – 11%, put money away – 8%, learn to drive – 8%, make more friends – 5% and limit social media use rounded out the top 10 with 4%.

Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of sunshine.co.uk, said “Millennials are certainly not a work-shy bunch, but it seems that many are running out of steam and hungry for a break away. You’d expect me to say this, of course, but travel should be a priority for everyone. We’re all guilty of getting stuck in a routine and bogged down by the mundane parts of our lives, but getting out there and seeing more of the world is a sure fire way to give you a new lease of life.”