Despite the 20cm splinter in his leg, Mohd Azizulhasni Awang got back on his bike to finish third in the World Track Championships in Manchester yesterday.

Awang, 23, from Malaysia, was unable to receive his bronze medal on the podium as he was being rushed to hospital to have the giant splinter removed from his leg.

Last night, Awang was waiting for the painful operation.

Malaysia head coach John Beasley said: “They said it’s best if they do it with all their experts around and when everyone’s fresh.

“The only way they can do it is by surgically going in from both ends and spreading it apart and pulling it out.”


Splinter Awang

Awang’s coach said he was unaware of the splinter when he helped the rider back to his bike.

“I feel really bad because I didn’t even see it,” Beasley said.

Chris Hoy came first in the World Track Championships yesterday.

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