The offence, which has left the victim in a critical condition, happened in Chislehurst Road, Bromley yesterday (Monday).

 Police are calling for witnesses, and security footage to help identify the car and driver.

 The hit and run took place at 21.20 approximately 50m from Pins Roads.

 A staggering estimated 65 hit and runs happen in London each week, that’s more than 3300 per year

 Jenny Jones, from London Assembly, is urging for more police patrol and London number plate recognition to reduced the soaring number of hit and runs, many of which are believed to be illegal drivers and uninsured vehicles.

“Drivers are more likely to drive on after an accident if they’re untaxed or uninsured,” said Jones to the East London Advertiser.

“A legal driver has everything to lose if they don’t stop because they can be traced—but illegal drivers drive on dump the car later.

“We need the police to crack down on these illegal drivers. They need to redouble their efforts and send a clear message that illegal drivers will not be tolerated.”

Picture: Getty