Now #cameronschocolates has become a trending topic on twitter as tweeting jokers try to think of puns and gags to highlight the issue.

In an interview for Parliament’s magazine The House, Miliband has taken umbrage with a pre-election complaint made by Cameron in 2006 about the problem of cut price chocolate orange bars taking the place of real fruit in WH Smiths, to the detriment of the nation’s health. It was used as an example of irresponsible capitalism as Britain faced an obesity crisis.

“Look, if he can’t sort out the chocolate orange, he’s not going to be sort out the train companies, the energy companies, the banks, is he?” Miliband said in the interview.

“I think it’s very interesting that David Cameron’s example of responsible capitalism was the chocolate orange. He’s failed to sort it out, why? Because of his basic set of beliefs. You know he believes in a nudge philosophy which seems to amount to just asking people to do nice things. But that isn’t going to sort out the problem. You’ve got to change the rules.”

Here’s a few of the best from this morning’s chocolate chuckles…

@Dave_Cam_standup: “What about Bounty? – awarded to the head of RBS – #cameronchocolates”

@Cabmerlot:  “another ‘ credit crunchie ‘ #cameronchocolates”

@NuminousNews: “#Cameron comes from a Galaxy far, far away and lives on Mars #cameronchocolates”

@alldaysmith:  “Flake-y #cameronchocolates”

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