Far from being treated like a freak, the lamb, which is also a hermaphrodite, is ebing reted like royalty in Velistsikhe, Georgia.

In a video posted on YouTube, the lamb appears quite tame as it is shown off by farmer Abadzhanov Albert, who grins throughout, no doubt thinking his new pet will be able to bring him some money somehow.

Abadzhanov said the birth had caused a buzz among locals and his peers.

He said: “I have been asking the other shepherds, but none of them remember such case.

“There were three-legged lambs, one-eyed, but not a six-legged, bisexual one. The lamb eats well, but moves with difficulty.”

Birth mutations  occur when an egg does not completely split in to two, meaning what could have been twin offspring end up as one offspring with extra limbs or sometimes in extreme cases, an extra head.

There has been a few strange births in Georgia in 2012 with tales of a three-legged cat and two-headed lamb being reported.

Watch a video of the lamb below: