David Cameron mocked Ken Clarke’s "cat spat" with Theresa May in his speech to the Conservative Party conference today.

The Justice Secretary sparked controversy when he gave the Home Secretary a public dressing down yesterday after she claimed an illegal immigrant could not be deported “because – and I am not making this up – he had a pet cat.”

“I cannot believe that anyone has had deportation refused on the basis of owning a cat,” Clarke rejoined at a Daily Telegraph fringe meeting.

“I will have a small bet with her that no one has ever been refused deportation on the grounds of ownership of a cat.”

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The Prime Minister had fun with the “cat spat” during his speech to party members in Manchester today.

Leaving little doubt that he supported May’s stance he aimed a jibe squarely at Clarke saying he and fellow ministers had been recording audio books for the blind.

"There was one book that I chose personally. I said 'Ken, this one's called Crime And Punishment and I want you to read it, twice'," he joshed (hilarious!)
"After yesterday we should probably have a group reading of Mog The Cat.” He added (he just gets funnier and funnier, doesn’t he?)

"Although if you, like me, read that book to your children at bedtime, you will remember that Mog The Cat helps the police to catch the burglar, not keep him in the country."

Cameron continued to labour the “books for the blind” joke (if you can call it that) to poke fun at the idea of a potential power struggle for his job between Chancellor George Osborne and London Mayor Boris Johnson saying:

"George knew exactly what he wanted – he went straight for The Man Who Would Be King. I'm afraid Boris missed out. Instead he chose The Joy of … Cycling,"

Oh my sides.