His stepping down as MP today is a huge blow to brother Ed, Labour leader,  who admitted politics will be a “poorer place” without him. Miliband has been MP in South Shields, South Tyneside, where he has been MP since 2001.

In a letter to his constituency party chairman he said it was “very difficult” for him to be leaving politics in the UK and that he “passionately” wanted to see Labour returned to power reports The Sun.

David Miliband has been on the backbenches since being beaten to the top job in the LAbour party by his younger brother in 2010 after a battle that damaged their relationship.

However, Ed Miliband said today: “Time has helped to heal that. I will miss him. Having spoken to him a lot over the past few months, I know how long and hard he thought about this before deciding to take up the offer. I also know how enthusiastic he is about the potential this job provides. British politics will be a poorer place without David. But his huge talents will be serving people around the world. I hope and believe that at some point in the future he can once again make a contribution to British public life.”

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