Norway killer Anders Breivik has returned with police to scene of his massacre to reconstruct the atrocities he committed there.

The killer returned to Utoya Island with investigators for eight hours on Saturday, dressed in a bullet-proof vest and attached to a long chain.

He was guarded by a dozen armed officers and was spotted making gun shapes with his hands to demonstrate how the killings happened.

The island has been closed to the public since Breivik killed 69 people there on July 22.

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Prosecutor Paal-Fredrik Hjort Kraby said the 32-year-old killer walked the same route as the one he took during the rampage, explaining the events of the day.

He added: “The suspect showed he wasn’t emotionally unaffected by being back at Utoya, but didn’t show any remorse.

“He has been questioned for around 50 hours about this, and he has always been calm, detailed and collaborative, and that was also the case on Utoya.”

Most of Breivik’s victims on the island were teenagers or in their 20s and attending a summer camp.

He had already killed eight people that day with a car bomb in Oslo.

The killer admitted the attacks but denies criminal guilt, believing that the massacre was necessary to save Europe from Muslims and to punish politicians for embracing multiculturalism.

The reconstruction was filmed by police and will be used in court.