Dear Reuben,

I had what I thought was a fling with a guy who’s supposed to go home soon.

I ended up actually really liking him but then I found out he had a girlfriend the whole time.

He says he’s broken it off, and that he really likes me, but I don’t know if I can trust him again.

I’d bet ten quid that he’s still with his girlfriend, which means both you and she are getting royally played.

The bloke clearly knows how to get you girls to believe his lies, but here’s some honesty for you (which you obviously haven’t had in awhile): besides the fact that this bloke most likely believes that it doesn’t count if it’s in a different country, he also probably doesn’t really fancy you all that much.

He won’t leave his girlfriend for you, won’t stay in London for you, and all things considered, I’d bet ten more quid he’s screwing someone else on the side.

You had it right in the beginning – let it go. It was a a fling, it meant more to you than him.

Leave it at that.

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