The new species of giant jellyfish has been temporarily dubbed the ‘whopper’ due to its incredible size –  it’s 1.5 metres long.

Giant jellyfish have been seen before, but this is the biggest ever found.

Lisa Gershwin, a scientist who has been studying jellyfish for 20 years and works for the government’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, said: “We know about this specimen but it hasn’t been classified yet; it hasn’t been named.” She added: “It’s so big, it took our breath away. It’s a whopper of an animal but it’s not life-threatening, although it does sting.”

The jellyfish was found by a family in the southern state of Tasmania.

Researchers still don’t know much about how giant jellyfish eat, sleep, breed, and live.

Speaking of the new discovery, Ms Gershwin said: “It’s so big but we know nothing about it. It highlights again how much we still have to learn about the ocean.”

Image credit: YouTube