Air New Zealand domestic passengers at the three main airports will be asked to do the majority of their checking-in themselves by the end of the year.

Starting next Monday at Auckland Airport, check-in stands will be replaced by self-service kiosks, and passengers will be asked to check their own bags in.

Air New Zealand hopes it will speed up the check-in and boarding process for passengers and staff.

The biggest change comes for people with bags to check in. At present they have to hand their bags in to an Air New Zealand staff member, but at the new kiosks they can print bag tags and then place their bags on a conveyer belt.

The main difference for passengers without check-in bags will be that they scan their boarding pass at the gate themselves rather than give it to a person to check, though a checker will be present.

The scanning machines will be present at all 26 domestic airports.

All passengers can now have their ticket details sent to their mobile phone rather than an e-mail address.

Air NZ group external communications manager Mark Street said the changes were aimed at frequent flyers.

“This should enable them to speed up the checking in process and not have to wait in queues,” Mr Street said.

“But for less frequent flyers there will be people present near the kiosks and there will also still be some check-in counters available.”

Charging structures for check-in bags will also change, with potential penalties for people who wish to check in more than one lightweight bag.

Whereas at present customers can check in as many bags as they want provided they weigh less than 20kg, there will now be a charge of $15 for every bag bar the first one, for which the weight limit is now 25kg.

“If any bag looks like it’s more than 25kg there will be staff there to check the weight out.

“If it is more than 25kg our staff will have extra bags available so they can be re-packed to meet the weight allowance,” Mr Street said.

“It’s worth noting that 25kg is quite a hefty weight, and not one most people can just walk up with easily.”

The new self check-in kiosks will open at Auckland next Monday, Christchurch on November 17 and Wellington on December 8.