The project is still in its early stages but has been given the green light after years of speculation over whether the iconic series would make the big screen again.

Yates said that the Doctor Who movie will be a departure from the BBC series and is likely to be written by new screenwriters.

No storyline, script or actors have been confirmed at this stage, Yates told Variety magazine, cautioning that it will take “two or three years to get it right”.

“Russell T Davies and then Steven Moffat have done their own transformations, which were fantastic, but we have to put that aside and start from scratch,” he said.

We’re looking at writers now. We’re going to spend two to three years to get it right,” Yates told Variety. “It needs quite a radical transformation to take it into the bigger arena.”

Doctor Who as last adapted for the big screen nearly 50 years ago with Doctor Who and the Daleks (1965) and Doctor Who: Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 AD (1966).

Have a retro revel in the Doctor Who and the Daleks trailer.

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