Everyone’s wardrobe is full of things we never wear. Most households even have bin-bags full of “clothes for the charity shop” that just never get taken to the high street. Well, here to save the day is ZipJet; the on demand laundry and dry-cleaning app that picks up your dirty clothes direct from your house. They’ve partnered with the fashion reuse charity TRAID to help stock their charity shops with ZipJet customers’ unwanted clothing.

As part of this new partnership with TRAID, during January and February, ZipJet customers can simply give their ZipJet ‘pilot’ an additional donation bag. These will then be taken to TRAID’s warehouse where they will be hand-sorted, priced, and later sold in one of their charity shops.

In the UK alone, 1.7 billion garments are bought and unworn everyday. TRAID is the only charity in the UK dedicated to the collection and reuse of these unwanted clothes. The money raised from the charity shops funds projects to tackle exploitation and change working practices in the global textile supply chain. Since TRAID launched in 1999, it has diverted over 45,000 tonnes of unwanted clothes from landfill and incineration – the equivalent of 630,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions.

“Every year people across the UK throw away over 430,000 tonnes of wearable clothes – a shocking amount. We are really excited to be partnering with TRAID to help prevent these clothes going to landfill or incineration. To kick off 2016 ZipJet will take care of customers’ laundry, whilst also recycling their unwanted clothes in one simple transaction,” said Lorenzo Franzi founder of ZipJet.

ZipJet is an on demand laundry, dry cleaning and ironing service that collects, washes and delivers your fresh laundry back to your doorstep within 24-hours. The easy to use app and website allows users to book a time-slot for a ZipJet pilot to collect the order. The pilot will then return with your clean, fresh and pressed laundry 24 hours later to your requested address.

ZipJet is available to download as an iOS and Android app, or you can visit www.zipjet.co.uk to place your order. If you are donating a bag of unwanted clothes, just give them to your ZipJet pilot in a bin bag. ZipJet’s services are currently available in London and Berlin, with plans to launch throughout the UK in 2016.