ACBPS Regional Commander NSW, Tim Fitzgerald, said many travellers did not realise items they buy while on holidays are prohibited in Australia, such as laser pointers and electronic shock devices.

“I encourage travellers to check the Can I bring it back? web page before they travel overseas, which was recently launched to help educate travellers on what to avoid buying overseas.”

The guide features more than 40 prohibited or restricted items routinely taken from travellers when they return to Australia, including a range of items commonly bought in South East Asia and South Pacific tourist hot spots.

“Some items that are legal in other countries can’t be brought back into Australia,” Mr Fitzgerald said

“Some travellers assume that items such as blow pipes, martial arts weapons, and BB guns are relatively harmless and make interesting, cheap souvenirs. However, they can cause serious injury and should not be brought back.”

Can I bring it back? can be accessed by visiting