Doritos inventor Arch West will be buried with his tortilla chips, according to reports.

His family are planning to scatter the corn crisps in his grave as he is laid to rest.

His daughter, Jana Hacker, told the Dallas Morning News that the family

plans on "tossing Doritos chips in before they put the dirt over the


She added: "He'll love it."

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West came up with the idea for Doritos in 1961 while on holiday in San Diego. Here, he saw a food truck selling fried tortilla chips, and pitched the idea to crisp giant Frito-Lay, for whom he was working.

Despite initial misgivings on the part of the company, Doritos were an instant success when they hit stores in 1964.

West named them Doritos after the Spanish word 'doradito', which means 'little golden'.

Before starting work for Frito-Lay, West had been a cheese salesman.

The snack pioneer will be buried in Dallas, Texas. He died of natural causes aged 97.

Doritos proved to be one of Frito-Lay's biggest earners. The cheesy crisp line's biggest pay cheque came in 1993 when sales apparently totalled £836million – a third of Frito-Lay’s annual figure.

There have been more than a dozen flavours of Doritos since the product's first launch.