With Omio, this will all change.

The Omio app allows you to compare the price of bus, train and flight tickets, departure and arrival times as well as the most convenient travel route. You will be able to find out everything you need to know about your upcoming trip in a few clicks. If you truly want to save time and instead want to spend it dreaming about your next vacation destination, you should definitely use Omio. Download the app and you will have the opportunity to search thousands of routes across over 36 different countries—comparing 3 transport modes—all on-the-go.

Access to all the information you need for your trip

By using Omio, you not only get access to an efficient and smart solution for finding the best travel options, you also get the benefit of receiving relevant information regarding your destination. If you for instance are travelling from Copenhagen to Prague by bus it is possible to find information on which bus station you will arrive at, what is located in the immediate surroundings and at times it is even possible to find information on sightseeing opportunities. As if this wasn’t enough, there are even sections covering the best way to travel to other destinations once you have reached your primary one.

5 simple steps

Omio provides you with relevant information on a variety of inquiries. You will be able to search for frequency of flights to for instance Rome on specific days and if you opt for travelling by train, it is even possible to stop and discover other places along the way. In five simple steps you will have researched, booked and received confirmation of your booking. If you have any questions regarding your booking, Omio provides its users with 24/7 customer service. You really don’t need anything else when it comes to booking your next trip, regardless of destination. Make using Omio even more convenient by also downloading the app and have access to information about your trip wherever you are. 

One app for all

Omio allows you to find, book and receive all relevant information about your pending trip—in one convenient location. It truly is a one-stop shop for your travels as it helps to save space in your phone by having all travel apps combined into one. You will even be able to find information on what to do and see once you arrive. By downloading the Omio app you will be able to access information regarding your travel itinerary on the go. Travelling has never been easier and booking your next trip is done in a matter of minutes.