Matthew Cox, 26, was drinking with his friends in his flat in Nottingham when he went outside for a cigarette, putting his vodka and coke on the floor.

When he came back, Cox noticed that his dog was swaying around and saw that the black Labrador puppy, Max, had drunk the contents of the glass.

However, instead of taking his pet to the vets, Cox left the dog and went out to DJ for the night, leaving the puppy with his flatmate.

Later that evening, two girls called the police after spotting Max the dog staggering around on the street near Cox’s house.

Officers went round to Cox’s home at 8pm that evening and removed the dog as they were concerned for his health. The police then took him to an emergency vet where Max was put on a IV drip.

According to the vet, the dog would have felt the effects of alcohol and had trouble making sense of his surroundings for up to 12 hours.

Max has now been re-homed by the RSPCA and a spokesperson said: “It’s such a shame what’s happened to the dog but he’s been found a good home now and the owner has been punished.”

It seems that dog owners are not always aware of the severe effects alcohol has on animals. A Google search reveals dozens of Youtube videos which appear to make light of drunk dogs.

Here are just a couple of examples. Should these pet owners be tracked down and prosecuted?