The YouTube clip, which is thought to have been filmed on a dashboard-mounted camera by a Scottish Mountain Rescue team, show the light orbs accelerate over a field, just as an oncoming car passes the camera.  The lights in the sky then suddenly disappear.

The UFO clip was posted to YouTube on New Year’s Day by the user ‘ufoshack’.

Sceptics say the “creepy” dots of light are lens flares from the car’s lights, reflected in the camera.

However, the blogger ScottCWaring, points out how another car that also appears in the clip, does not have the same effect. He says, “It’s incredible.”

Others say the lights are unevenly placed, not matching the position of car lights.

It is also unlikely airplanes would have been flying in such dense fog.

Expert Ron Halliday, 62 — an expert on UFOs for 30 years — said: “They don’t seem like reflections as they move at such speed. It’s baffling.”

User Tom Rose said in the UFO section of website Gather: “Either way, it’s one of the creepiest videos to surface so far this year.”

The location of the 25-second film, shot in snow, is still unclear.

The sighting follows similar reports of unidentified craft hovering above Trekhgorny, Russia, and another in Bolotnaya Square, in Moscow.