Protesters took pity on PC Gary Withers after he turned up out of the blue, after allegedly being thrown out of London’s Savoy Hotel, where he was celebrating passing a firearms course last week.
The following morning he was spotted by shocked colleagues on duty outside St Paul’s Cathedral, where dozens of tents have been pitched for a month in the Occupy London protests against capitalism.
The 35-year-old officer now faces disciplinary action from police chiefs.
A source said: “He had a good drink and finally ended up at The Savoy Hotel where he was apparently asked to leave.
“He then must have walked to St Paul’s where there has been a party going on every single night. He got chatting to a few of the crusties and, feeling a bit sorry for him, they invited him to kip the night in a tent.
“The following morning he was woken up and didn’t know where he was or what he was doing.
“Gary, who is ex-Army, had the shock of his life when he realised he had joined up with the crusties sleeping under the stars.”
The City of London Police professional standards unit is investigating the “loitering within tent” incident.
The source added that PC Withers is very embarrassed and that his colleagues found the whole incident hilarious.
“He hasn’t upset anyone, but the governors will have a word in his ear because it is not ideal for a police officer to be sleeping in a tent with the globalists outside St Paul’s where his mates are all on duty.