Duffy -Endlessly

Poor Duffy never had a hope of measuring up to Dusty Springfield, the legendary singer she was most often compared to when she broke in 2008. But you would hope that the Welsh warbler would at least measure up to the standard she set with her first album Rockferry.

Sadly Endlessly doesn’t cut it. This time around the retro stylings sound downright twee (Girl and the title track) or insipid (Breath Away) and Duffy’s voice, which seemed so rich and ripe on Rockferry, sounds forced and mannered at times, particularly on the execrable Well Well Well. On My Boy and Lovestruck she seems to be channelling Kylie but is not entirely convincing as a pop diva.

The best songs Too Hurt To Dance, a sweet torch song, and LP closer Hard For The Heart, sung in a wavering voice, are the most genuine things on what is an otherwise underwhelming album.


– Alison Grinter