Starring: Scoot McNairy, Whitney Able

Touted by many as the new District 9, alien invasion film Monsters has a lot to live up to. Amazingly, Gareth Edwards’ debut feature surpasses the hype. A cracking road movie that’s clever, resonant and, despite
a tiny budget, visually stunning, Monsters heralds the arrival of a new talent.

The plot follows Andrew (McNairy), a photojournalist working in Central America trying to get ‘the shot’, who is tasked with bringing his boss’s daughter, Sam (Able), back to the US from ‘the infected zone’ – a strip along the Mexico-US border inhabited by huge aliens.

As the pair negotiate the treacherous environment they start to develop feelings for each other. Showing a deft touch early in his career, Edwards takes familiar sci-fi themes and weaves them together in an original way.
Much of the film’s impact owes to its guerrilla-style – the director filming in Mexico and South America with just one camera to ensure Monsters has a different feel to most blockbusters. Add the fact that Edwards also wrote the script and is the man behind the brilliant special effects and Neill Blomkamp has some serious competition.


Good for: Fans of smart sci-fi.


– Pierre de Villiers