A couple from South Africa on a Rubgy World Cup trip booked themselves what looked like a delightful retreat at the seaside town of Eastbourne at the Majestic Hotel, only to find they'd selected the wrong country.

The pair were on holiday in New Zealand and found themselves following a confused car sat-nav around the streets of sleepy Eastbourne, New Zealand. The owner of a local chemist shop then informed them that Eastbourne, NZ does not even have a hotel.

Eastborne, New Zealand

The quiet town of Eastbourne, New Zealand (population 4,600)

"I booked into the right hotel, just in the wrong country," said Mr Adendorff, speaking to Wellington’s local paper, The Dominion Post.

According to reports, Mr Adendorff did find it strange that he was asked in his internet booking to pay in pounds. As all the local B&Bs were full, chemist shop owner Linda Burke kindly offered them a room at her house for the night.

The Majestic Hotel unfortunately failed to see the funny side and they were charged for giving a late notice cancellation.