There’s plenty of good restaurants in Lucca serving all the Italian staples you would expect from pizza and pasta to ‘carne’ dishes such as steak.

Pastry lovers will be in heaven with mouth-watering breads such as savoury-topped focaccias and rustic, traditional loaves to sweet-filled pastries made to impress even the fussiest diners.

Gelati is of course popular everywhere in Italy and Lucca is no different where hard-to-resist flavours temp passers by into the numerous ice-cream stores throughout the small city.


Italians love their coffee and Lucca certainly isn’t short of places to drink it. A popular option is the espresso, a short, sharp shot of coffee drunk black. For those who prefer there coffee a little less potent, cappuccinos are a good option.

Italy is also renowned for its wines and the Tuscan region is famous for its Chianti. Another top choice when it comes to local wines is Brunello di Montalcino, a red produced in the town of Montalcino.